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Arrangement work

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Parallel world for renaissance recorder and Shakuhachi (2021)

Crossboundary VIII <resonance 2> for soprano and percussion (2019)

H into H for horn and harpsichord (2009/2012)  awarded an honorable mention by Prix Annelie de Man Prize

Once upon a time, a man... ~ from Ise Monogatari (2010) for Noh voice and piccolo commissioned by Nakagawa Canal Art and ensemble no, Japan

Five for the circle (2009/2010) for saxophone and percussion  commissioned by Sax and Stix

Osmosis Phoneme (2007) for trumpet and recorder   commissioned by Miako Klein and Sava Stoianov 

® "Люлка ( ljulka )" released by Ensemble Modern Media

Vectorial Projection II - turning of the lathe (2007) for bass clarinet and accordion   commissioned by Duo Plus

At one’s elbow <music version> (2006) for soprano saxophone and guitar   ® "TRISHADE" released by Power Record

Tink ~ after the frolic (2004) for flute and soprano saxophone

Three effects (2003) for trombone and tuba

Tink (2003) for flute and soprano saxophone

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