Seainx project

Imai found an organisation based in Nagoya, Japan to produce arts and music events, especially introducing contemporary music with international artists.

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Synecdochism II <continuity>

- music, photography and visual art

Imai’s new project as an interdisciplinary composition with Junichi Takahashi (photographer), Martin Boverhof (visual art) which accentuates the intensity of representation and perception - utilizing essential aesthetics and beauties of the traditional Japanese Noh Theater.

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My space & Sound Clouds

Click the link to listen to some recordings of Imai’s music.


Ayako Okubo

Beat Furrer

Bernhard Lang

Inigo Giner Miranda

Irvine Arditti

Junichi Takahashi

Martin Boverhof

Masako Ito

Miako Klein

Natalia Domínguez Rangel

Ryoko Aoki

Sava Stoianov

Tosiya Suzuki

Wim Henderickx


Born Digital

Ensemble Modern

Nieuw Ensemble

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